Pike Season

Please note the Pike season will NOT start until Nov 1st 2019 due to the catfish still coming out. Please call us on 01405 860756 for updated details regarding the start of the Pike season.

Oakland Waters – News & Events

R.I.P. Shoulders  22/3/13
She has sadly passed away due to over baiting/feeding during the winter months when their metabolism is low. The food has stayed in her stomach and killed her from the inside out, as it has gone sour within her, causing lactic acid to build up. On veterinary advice we are asking all anglers to use bait sparingly as fish do not digest food in the winter months when the weather is as adverse as it is now and the water temperature is near to freezing.
Anybody who is seen over baiting will be asked to leave.



Due to the increasing number of anglers booking pegs and not turning up, it has been decided to introduce a membership for anglers wishing to fish the specimen lake.

This will take the form of a one off fee £25.00 for life membership, you will be required to fill in a membership form which can be acquired from Oakland Waters in person, or by contacting us 01405 860756 and requesting one. As soon as the form is returned us with the fee a membership number will be issued, this number will be required at time of booking for each angler requiring a peg. The number is non transferable.